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Boilers and Water Heaters
Our Specialist Technicians are able to service your boilers and issue gas safety certification ensuring that they
are both safe and efficient. We are able to advise you on the best way of heating your water through the summer
months to reduce your energy bills.

Cold Water systems / Water Tanks

Water tanks should be inspected regularly to ensure that the Temperature is below 22 degrees Celsius, insect
screens are intact, insulation is secure, ball valves/float valves are operating correctly and there are no signs of
stagnation or film within the tank.

Our Technicians as part of a Maintenance contract will ensure that the tanks are checked as per our PPM (Planned preventative maintenance) schedule, incorporating all of the above.

Booster pump sets

Booster pumps are the back bone of the water supply systems in tall commercial structures, ensuring that these
are working correctly is essential, we are able to check these systems are operating correctly checking flow rates, pressure switches and inverter drives, seals and coil resistance.

Plumbing & Sanitary ware

We can include all aspects of plumbing within a maintenance contract, to include;

Toilets & overflows
Drainage systems
Electric water heaters
These items can be maintained to the manufacturer’s specification and to HSE L8 to ensure compliance.

Contact Ubertek Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance now with any enquiries on 0207 164 2211,
alternatively you can contact us by clicking here.

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